Program allukrainian of public organization "The Anticorruption forum"

Program allukrainian of public organization
it is approved (confirmed)
Учредительным Constituent congress allukrainian of public organization «The Anticorruption forum» the Report № 1 from December, 08th, 2001


In the intentions we recognize that corruption and the political with it(her) political, economic and social consequences(investigations) are the most dangerous internal enemy of Ukrainian people and the independent Ukrainian state. Corruption which penetrates all spheres of a life of a society, brakes historical steps people, destroys national riches, distributes lawlessness and injustice, corrupts the senior generations and youth, cultivates neglect to Ukrainian people in other countries. Therefore eradication of this ugly phenomenon is an essential problem(task) of the present.

Putting forward this high aim, « the Anticorruption forum » will make efforts for creation of effective system of overcoming of corruption in all spheres of a life of a society and prevention of corruption and the organized crime, both in the present and in the future.

Putting before ourselves these problems(tasks), we understand, that the machinery of state created in conditions of transitive economy and strengthened bureaucratic system, cannot independently carry out process of autopurification and updating. The important role in a direction and realization of anticorruption activity, as well as everywhere in the world, can belong to the organized public sector, the nongovernmental organizations which lean(base) on support of wide layers of the public.

In community of the states with the developed system of political democracy the visible role in revealing the reasons of corruption, research of its(her) general(common) both national features and struggle with it(her) is played with the international nongovernmental organizations which aspire to creation of the world anticorruption network. Direct participation in the world process of struggle against corruption, dishonest methods of state-administrative and administrative activity is the important means of attraction of modern experience of the advanced countries of the world and its(his) application in Ukraine. It will assist improvement of attitudes(relations) of the international community to our country, will expand representation of the Ukrainian public in the international nongovernmental organizations. Proceeding from comprehension of importance of the international cooperation, allukrainian « The Anticorruption forum » should become the integral component of the world social movement directed against this harm.

Realizing importance of achievement of national support of struggle against corruption and criminal displays in state-administrative and economic spheres, we recognize unconditional advantage of democratic values, necessity of consecutive observance and maintenance of the guaranteed human rights.

Today corruption is widespread not only in state-administrative, but also in all other spheres of an economic and public life and is a serious brake of economic revival of the state.

Putting before ourselves the extremely difficult, but a noble problem(task) of clarification and updating of moral atmosphere in a society, we put forward the Program weighed, scientifically proved and based successful foreign experience allukrainian public organization « The Anticorruption forum » by which we shall be guided in the further activity.


In a basis of activity allukrainian public organization « Anticorruption forum » assigns seven base principles:

Principle of awareness.

To win, it is necessary to know, this flexible, cautious, greedy, ruthless, uniquitous enemy whom corruption which in Ukraine got to know only at a level of every day consciousness is. Practically there are no serious special theoretical researches of sources, the reasons, displays and consequences(investigations) of corruption and ways of its(her) overcoming. Especially early to speak about specialized research groups, the centers and establishments. At the same time in all developed countries the organized crime and corruption already for a long time became a subject of special scientific research. This principle aims « the Anticorruption forum » at financial, material and personnel maintenance of regular studying of the phenomena and laws of the Ukrainian corruption and the organized crime.

Principle of the prediscretion.

To win, it is necessary to provide. The deep knowledge of the enemy, and in this case - the malicious enemy of Ukrainian people - enables to advance its(his) actions, to predict its(his) behaviour, to provide ways and directions of development forms and the phenomena with which it is necessary to struggle. This principle aims on system and permanence of predicted activity of the Ukrainian public in sphere of struggle against corruption.

Principle of independence.

To prevail over a harm, it is necessary to be guided by morals and the maximum(supreme) principles of spirituality. The public of Ukraine, is independent and self-sufficing nongovernmental, not political, noncommercial force in struggle against the organized crime and corruption. It(she) acts the basis of own programs, irrespective of government directives and plans. All its(her) decisions and acts are based on its(her) civil conscience and the current legislation of the country, on the international legal norms(rates), civil, national and universal values.

Principle no compromise

To win a harm, it is necessary to be ready to an openness and activity. In struggle against this harm the public of Ukraine should not suppose the slightest indulgences. The nature negative public forms and the phenomena and as consequence(investigation) of the acts connected with them, does not suffer(bear) even the least compromise, any incompleteness, time(temporary), tactical or strategic concessions. This principle aims the public at destruction of any fact of display of the organized crime and corruption actions.

Principle sistems.

To overcome corruption, it is necessary to see it(her) as integrity. Using all that positive, that is turned out in this question, « the Anticorruption forum » struggles with the organized crime and corruption constantly, in all spheres of a public life and in a complex applies for this purpose all means and methods which are not forbidden by the current legislation.

Principle of a transparency.

To excel in struggle against corruption, it is necessary to act bases of a transparency and clearness. All activity of " the Anticorruption forum " is simple, clear, opened(open) and accessible to each fair person. At the same time, our organization supports simplicity and honesty, an openness and cleanliness of activity of each civil servant, all official bodies and the organizations. Being guided by this principle and embodying it(him) during a life, the Forum supports creation of national and international system of the notification of plans and intentions, motivations and results of actions of bodies of the government and their representatives. Realization in practice of this principle, should become formation of such system of activity of all civil servants and the organizations of various patterns of ownership when their each act would be on a kind at their colleagues and the public. First step in this direction is introduction of practice of the regular, system, obligatory reporting, first of all civil servants and persons(faces) who enter in legislative and representative bodies, about their activity, and those steps which are undertaken in struggle against this harm.

Principle of depth.

To win corruption, it is necessary to establish(install) its(her) reasons and display. « The anticorruption forum » does not stop on struggle against external displays of corruption. It(he) always searches for the deep reason of these shameful phenomena, studying(investigating) and neutralizing them.

Principle of a unification.

To overcome the designated public harm, it is necessary to make common cause. We, in the activity, start with comprehension of necessity of a unification of all forces and the interested parties(sides). Realization of this principle should induce to association of force and an opportunity of citizens and public organizations. The important and essential ally of the public of Ukraine for today is private(individual) business which tests significant oppressions from the corrupted representatives of authority. Rather essential component of the mechanism of realization of this principle, association of efforts Ukrainian anticorruption's serves the adjusted(set up) public with the same foreign and international public institutions.

Principle of loan of experience.

To come out the winner in struggle against corruption, it is necessary to involve the greatest possible experience of foreign democracies. Realizing importance of this struggle, the public of Ukraine follows the road of the organized and large-scale struggle against corruption. Today such phenomena it is inherent not only to Ukraine, they it is widely widespread all over the world, including the developed countries, and as those who has followed the road of transformation of the socioeconomic and state systems. The public of these countries always struggled and struggles with corruption's and there wide experience of own public opposition to its(her) displays is saved already up(already collected). Its(his) creative loan and use by " the Anticorruption forum ", in territory of Ukraine, will enable to save forces and time and as consequence(investigation) will make spent actions by more effective.


Overall objective national " the Anticorruption forum " at a modern historical stage - realization of scientific, system, independent public research of the Ukrainian organized crime and corruption and creation of comprehensive nongovernmental system of their eradication in Ukraine. Proceeding from this purpose, considering results of the analysis of the nature and forms of display of the Ukrainian corruption and as public experience of struggle against the similar phenomena in other countries, the Forum has defined(determined) following priority forms of struggle against corruption in Ukraine:

In political sphere.

* Assistance of final and unconditional reorientation of the national-state strategy, from interests of elites in interests of the majority of citizens. It is possible(probable) to carry out through the general(common) legal steps and actions of the President, the Supreme Rada and the Cabinet;
* Realization of constant public influence on the maximum(supreme) state management(manual), leaders of democratic political movements and parties(sets).
* Stimulation of formation at representatives of administrative, political and economic elites of that final understanding, that resolute performance(statement) against corruption, at the given stage, as a result is favourable it(him)
* Creation and development of public system of influence on redistribution of imperous powers from clans to fairly chosen leaders and joint bodies to whom voters really trust.
* Establishment of a wide coalition of adherents of reform of political system of Ukraine on bases of democratic character and a transparency, in structure of representatives of business of all patterns of ownership.
* Wide public counteraction to realization of illegal payments in pre-election campaigns and on other political ends.

In economic sphere.
* Assistance of realization of the state program of debugging of the public and legal control over social and economic processes, financial and commodity streams.
* Assistance to an establishment of system of a transparency acceptance of economically meaning decisions of official bodies and departments.
* Public lobbying of a cancelling of system of licensing of business and granting of various tax privileges to the certain groups of the enterprises.
* Stimulation of process of revision of representatives of the government in the enterprises, with participation of the state capitals and credits.
* Debugging of the rigid public and state control over transition of members of the government to different posts in commercial structures.
* The coordination of local, subregional, national, regional and global anticorruption strategy in sphere of trade and investments.
* Assistance to creation of transparent, democratic and clear system of the state taxation.
* Public initiation of purposeful anticorruption use of auditor procedures concerning public sector of economy and public service.
* Assistance to the factor of a transparency in sphere of the state purchases.
* Public initiation of introduction of fair system of a payment and awarding of employees of the state structures if such employees show samples of honesty and incorruptibility, or positively prove in the prevention(warning) of corruption and struggle against it(her).
* Assistance of viewing on the basis of offers of known western analysts and experts(auditeurs), the privatization documents which have been carried out with the purpose of redistribution of property and securities, there, where there were admitted(allowed) and established(installed) infringements of the current legislation of Ukraine.
* Public initiation of development and introduction of systems of internal financial management which reduce a level of corruption among employees governmental and not the governmental organizations and establishments.

In legislative and law-enforcement sphere
* Public attraction of foreign experts for examination of the Ukrainian legislation on problems of struggle against corruption, the organized crime, money-laundering, etc.
* Assistance to reform of system of jurisprudence and regulation, publicity of commodity deliveries and financial streams, to audit and the reporting.
* Initiation of establishment of a post of the independent public prosecutor. Discharge of inspectors, public prosecutors and judges from investigation of the facts of corruption if the certain interests of these people raise the doubts rather of their impartiality.
* Introduction of system of the public reporting of judicial authorities and safety, about anticorruption actions and actions, and also material and other stimulation of employees of bodies of justice and legal assistance which have proved in sphere of anticorruption activity. Expansion of the international communications(connections) of corresponding(meeting) services on bases of the international arrangements on struggle against corruption.
* Public initiation of an establishment of serious criminal punishment for the money-laundering, received owing to corruption in public sector of economy, in sphere of the government, formation(education), etc.
* Assistance to acceptance " the National code of behaviour of members of the government, their rights and duties " and to granting to it(him) of the status of the law, to creation of the mixed state-public structure for tracking performance of its(his) positions.
* The account of results of public research of the Ukrainian corruption and constant development of the corresponding(meeting) bills directed on struggle against it(her), lobbying of their acceptance by the Supreme Rada.
* Creation of system of independent public investigation of corruption crimes.
* Initiation of formation of system of absolute guarantees of personal safety and not to settle publicities of the information on workers which give data on corruption actions.
* Public lobbying of creation of system of acts concerning realization of unexpected checks of officials, official bodies, the organizations and establishments.
* Assistance to distribution of action of the Contract of the Organization of economic cooperation and development concerning struggle against bribery, and also principles and criteria of " the International Transparency " and other international organizations such, in territory of Ukraine and the countries, members of OSCE.

In social sphere.

* Creation of " coalitions of interests " different social groups and layers of a society in a direction of prevention of corruption and upholding of the rights.
* Unification of private(individual) business and civil society in struggle against corruption in the state.
* The massed and regular propagation of ideas that corruption - the main enemy of a social equality of citizens of Ukraine.

In personnel and organizational-administrative sphere.

* Embodiment during a life of mechanisms of administrative support of civil servants which become objects of unfair charges in corruption.
* Introduction of system of interdictions or restrictions of participation of officials in official actions which can be used in own financial interests.
* Creation of organizational mechanisms and channels which provide the guaranteed informing by employees of corresponding(meeting) structures and the public, about corruption abusings in establishments where they work;
* Maintenance of selection of the staff in official bodies and institutions not by principles official selectness, and at active participation of public personnel committees (public maintenance of a transparency of service increase and personnel purposes(assignments,destinations)).
* Creation of public system of assistance to attraction to work in the state bodies of independent experts, those which are not representatives of the nomenclature.
* Formation of system of public preparation of necessary experts, for their delegation in the state bodies.
* Introduction of mechanisms of attraction of professional bookkeepers, auditors, lawyers and other experts, for realization of the qualified public checks of activity of the state organizations and establishments.

In scientific sphere.

* Creation of the open and competent system of public researches of corruption in Ukraine and abroad.
* Debugging of public professional studying of the best samples of anticorruption activity in other countries and development of techniques of an embodiment of these achievements on the basis of Ukrainian " transparent system " mutual relations of government agencies, business and public.
* The organization of public monitoring of crimes of the organized crime and corruption in Ukraine.
* Regular realization of polls of the population of Ukraine about actions of official bodies, offences, the facts of corruption, and their attitude(relation) to it(this).
* Tracking of laws and orders of members of the government which point the conflict of interests in the center, in regions and on places.
* The organization and sponsoring of the scientific projects coordinated among themselves directed on studying of sources, causes and effects of global corruption and its(her) features in the countries with transitive economy, and also development of recommendations concerning overcoming this public harm.
* Initiation and participation in development of complete scientific programs of the prevention(warning) and eradication of corruption. Association of corresponding(meeting) efforts of the Ukrainian and foreign experts.

In educational sphere.

* Public initiation of introduction of educational programs which open to young generation and representatives of others age groups criminality of corruption, show it(her) as the destroyer of national riches, public and individual morals.
* Development of a cycle of public lectures which show the nature of corruption, open dangers which it(she) bears(carries) to each separately taken person(face) and a society, acquaint with methods and forms of struggle against it(her).
* Creation of the public просветительно-methodical centers directed on preparation of experts, necessary for professional struggle against corruption, and also on formation at wide layers of the population of Ukraine, elementary habits of struggle against its(her) displays.
* Regular carrying out in territory of the Dnepropetrovsk area of cycles of anticorruption lectures, seminars, trainings.
* Introduction of large-scale creation and the edition of the educational, учебно-methodical and popular scientific literature which would shine(cover) problems of corruption and as forms and methods of successful struggle against it(her).

In information sphere.

* Establishment of system public printed, electronic and the Internet-editions which would inform domestic and foreign readers on corruption of the Ukrainian society, successes, achievements and problems of the Ukrainian public in this struggle
* Creation public information-analytical and monitoring the centers, databases where the information on cases of display of corruption and struggle against it(her) would collect and systematized.
* Introduction of "hot" telephone lines and channels of the Internet for maintenance of the account and operative reaction to messages of citizens about cases of corruption.
* Creation of the national public information program " the Public against corruption ".
* Conclusion of mass media from under the total control of financial and industrial clans and the state bodies.
* The criminal liability for illegal distribution or use of the state information
* The maximal publicity concerning a financial position of the state heads and legislators
* Orientation to expansion of access of the public to the governmental information, creation of a wide coalition of public assistance to leadership of the law, development of complete strategy and the target program directed on revealing of the concrete historical, cultural, economic, political and legal reasons of corruption
* Initiation and assistance sistems laws which would provide freedom of the information, support of independent mass media and journalists which investigate and shine(cover) problems of corruption.

In sphere of morals.

* Constant and universal accentuation of attention of the Ukrainian society on threat of public and personal morals which follows from distribution and rooting of corruption.
* Realization of system of actions on formation in a society of proof and strong moral nonacceptance of corruption, manufacturing of anticorruption ethical installations, or anticorruption ethical base of the public.
* Development and popularization of the ethical code of " the Anticorruption forum ".

In sphere of culture.

* Persevering, but tactful formation in the Ukrainian society of sensation and understanding of corruption, as anticultural phenomenon.
* Creation and realization of the national public program development in a society of high anticorruption culture.
* Development and introduction during a life of the national public program of anticorruption propagation by means of the literature, the fine arts, cinema and etc.
* Attraction of the creative unions of the Ukrainian artists and art workers to active work within the limits of " the Anticorruption forum ".

In sphere of ethnonational attitudes(relations).

* Assistance of mobilization of efforts democratic the adjusted(set up) representatives of national elites, in particular politicians and figures of business, cultural and scientifically-educational spheres and a different sort founds national minorities to carrying out of the action(share) of leadership, pursuing main purpose-assistance of a transparency, the reporting and the public information on attitudes(relations) between financial donors, the governments, businessmen, to development and acceptance of the adequate legislation.

In religious sphere.

* Tactful formation in the Ukrainian society of sensation and understanding of corruption as sinful phenomenon.
* Development and introduction during a life of the national program of attraction of the Ukrainian churches to public public struggle against corruption.

In sphere of the third sector

* Mobilization of political will of the citizens displayed in activity of the nongovernmental organizations, capable to incur the big risk of which is demanded with effective struggle against corruption and the organized crime.
* Propagation in a society of an outstanding value of the third sector in struggle against corruption. A constant explanation of importance of participation of public organizations and the population in overcoming corruption.
* Inclusion in national " the Anticorruption forum " all political forces, associations of the public, both in the center, and in regions which are ready to act the maximum(supreme) principles of democracy and humanism.
* The further институционно-organizational strengthening of public anticorruption movement in Ukraine by creation of the new anticorruption organizations of citizens.
* The organization and carrying out of the national action(share) directed on perception(recognition) by the majority of the population of Ukraine of anticorruption activity, as base priority of the state, imperous institutes, political parties and movements, all not state associations of citizens, directing efforts to stable economic development and overcoming of poverty.
* The organized public support of a state policy which goes on creation of effective system of rules of law and the institutes, called to struggle with the organized economic criminality. To achieve a conclusion of money from a shadow turn(turnover).
* Development and introduction of the program of national public support of the central, regional, local and private(individual) initiatives concerning struggle against corruption.

On international scene.

* Inclusion of corresponding(meeting) state bodies of Ukraine in the international organizations on struggle against corruption and the organized crime.
* Active participation in the international conferences and other actions concerning struggle against corruption and the organized crime.
* Connection to the international arrangements in sphere of struggle against corruption, cooperation on equal with foreign public formations.
* Close cooperation of the Forum within the limits of foreign anticorruption programs for Ukraine, and also debugging of coordination, interaction and membership of " the Anticorruption forum ", as public organization, in corresponding(meeting) international formations.
* Development of offers and practical assistance to becoming of modern democratic methods of regulation of the international markets.
* Realization of the general(common) with the international nongovernmental organizations of the efforts directed against corruption. Constant formation of representations about it(her) as about the general(common) problem.
* Preparation and realization of the introduction of " the Anticorruption forum " in the international organization " the International Transparency " and participation in its(her) major programs and current activity.

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