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The Dnepropetrovsk regional branch allukrainians public organization " Anticorruption forum " is created to inform all layers of the population on what terrible social illness - corruption.

We are not going to substitute, powers of those structures which are created for struggle against corruption. On struggle against corruption hundreds state, power structures and public organizations are created. Millions, billions are spent. And while, unfortunately, we have not promoted in this question.

More likely on the contrary, all who struggles with corruption in an even greater degree become its servants.
Moreover, the more actively struggle against corruption, the the sum of bribes become more significant. By the way about it http://www.podrobnosti.ua/criminal/abuseofpower/2008/05/29/527833.html

In fact if there will be no corruption who will allocate such huge means for its struggle. All is much easier, than to us about it tell.
Corruption is the most terrible illness of a society, social illness. Also all of us are sick, all without exception. Each of us, well even time in a life (it is very minimal;)), but concerned corruption. Everyone bribed, презент, bypassed the law, asked that have shut eyes to any problem or favorable question.

And this all begins, unfortunately, from a maternity home and comes to an end on a cemetery. In a maternity home we corrupt in occasion of the close attitude to sorts, and on a cemetery in occasion of a good place for the member which has finished the life of a society. Thus, if it is illness and all of us are sick silly to show against each other a finger at whom it is developed more, at whom less. It is necessary to understand deeply, that it for an infection, its symptoms, the reasons, consequences.

And the MOST IMPORTANT - to whom it is favourable. And all together, only all together to try it to supervise, that it did not progress. And to supervise very much and very difficultly because it should be done somewhere in a head and in depth of heart.

There where there is a first law, there at once there is a corruption. Any law its corruption since it imposes on the individual or a society of individuals certain losses, the restrictions connected with submission to norm of the right. The above loss which are connected with submission to norm of the right, the probability of there is more that the individual will pay for an opportunity to not observe norm of the right or reduction of losses.

Any laws to win corruption it is impossible. In some countries of the world for it shoot. Also what? Has helped? No.

The temptation for the state employee is too great. And suddenly will carry by.

Though let's present, that is it is crystal fair officials and state employees. But that whom cannot be bought for money, or for very greater money, that can be intimidated (family, health, children). And at once the question is solved in favour of interested persons. As everyone understands better to take money and to go on infringement of the law, than someone native or close will suffer. The truth of a life is those. Corruption a question valuable, instead of texnocratic. Values need to be changed in a society. Then also the level of corruption will be low. And it is not solved any revolution, but only evolution. And evolution demands a lot of time. Especially in such underdeveloped and perverted, means in the information plan, a society. And it should be understood, and already now to think that will be years through 10-20. It is necessary to grow up and bring up good members of a society on kind and fair traditions. To prepare for decent managers who will really work and realize, that they can not see fruits of the work, and their grandsons or at the best children will see.
There should be a CORRECT FORMATION.
Thus, a primary source of corruption - in the existence of the state, more truly, in fiction of the state and substitution by its representatives of the state which have own interests, but are obliged to represent another's.

Essentially to lower a level of corruption in the country it is possible, and to study it is necessary at our ancestors. An output there, where an input. Aristotel "Policy": "... In Thebes there was a law: who within 10 years did not abstain from marketing, that had no right to hold the state post... " By means of this law it is possible to solve considerably a problem of the conflict of interests, sharply having separated public from private.

But it is real now in sew to the country? And to whom it will be unprofitable? And to whom it is favourable? Clearly one - time the best doctor, and it will place all in the places.

Our problem to unite the normal, harmoniously developed and decent people to protect and develop our general interests, the purposes and problems. We under a signboard of the organization unite decent people whom the future of our country is not indifferent. And which wish something to make useful, necessary for normal development of our society.

To whom it is interesting, it is possible in more detail will familiarize with ours The program


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