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To prevail above an evil, it is necessary to follow morality and higher principles of spirituality. To overcome a corruption, it is necessary to see it as integrity. Using all that positive, that is produced in this question. To attain success in a fight against a corruption, it is necessary to operate on bases of transparency and clearness. To win over a corruption, it is necessary to set its reasons and displays. To overcome the marked public evil, it is necessary to act together. To win, it is necessary to provide for. To win, it is needed to know.

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Corruption (from an armour. corrumpere — to spoil) — use by the official of the imperous powers and the rights entrusted to it(him) with a view of the personal benefit, contradicting the established(installed) rules. Most often the term is applied in relation to the bureaucratic device and political elite. Characteristic attribute of corruption is the conflict between actions of the official and interests of its(his) employer or the conflict between actions of the elective person(face) and interests of a society. Many kinds of corruption are similar to the swindle made by the official, and concern to a category of crimes against the government. Any person possessing a discretionary power — authority above distribution of any resources not belonging it(him) at own discretion (the official, the deputy, the judge, the employee of law enforcement bodies, the manager, the examiner, the doctor, etc.) can be subject to corruption. The main stimulus to corruption is the opportunity of reception of the economic profit (rent) connected with use of imperous powers, and the main deterrent — risk of exposure and punishment. According to(Agree) macroeconomic and политэкономическим to researches, corruption is the largest obstacle to economic growth and the development, capable to threaten any transformations to a society ... More in detail and very interestingly

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